Where to eat Uluwatu – Uluwatu hotspots

Where to eat Uluwatu – Uluwatu hotspots

Uluwatu is located in the south of Bali and is hip and happpening! You will find so many good place to eat in Uluwatu. From healthy smoothie bowls to greasy burgers or a cocktail with a view you will never forget. Grab a cold Bintang, sit down and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Life in Uluwatu is not that bad. We have listed the best Uluwatu Hotspots for you.

Nalu Bowl

You can’t miss Nalu Bowl when you are in Uluwatu. You can order the most delicious smoothie bowls at this place. I was so happy with Nalu Bowls. The smoothiebowls are very big and full of flavours. It’s great for lunch or breakfast and it is very cheap. They also have very nice promotions. When we were there we even got the bowl for free. Happe me!

Single Fin

Single Fin is wellknowned for its legendary parties on Monday evenings. But also the rest of the week Single Fin is a great place to visit. It is the perfect spot to visit after a day at the beach for a drink or a snack. You also have perfect sunset view from this place. It is a bit of a “hipster” restaurant but definitely one you can’t mis . The prices are also a bit high. But despite that, it’s a must visit.

El Merkat

We ate super tasty tuna tartar at this place. SO recommended. A bit outside the center of Uluwatu.

Suka Espresso

Visit Suka Espresso for the best sandwiches or a good cup of coffee.

Bukit Café

Tasty bowls and good salads, but also the place to be for greasy burgers.

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