Where to eat Ubud – Ubud Hotspots

Where to eat Ubud – Ubud Hotspots

It seems that you can eat super tasty everywhere in Ubud. Man, what have we eaten around here. From sushi, warungs, ice creams to vegan. In Ubud you really have everything and everything is good. We have listed all Ubud hotspots for you.

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Arang Satay bar

Occasionally you have to ignore your daily budget and spend a little more on a good dinner. We decided that when we entered Arang Satay bar. And good thing too, because this is perhaps the best place we have eaten during our trip. The hotspot of Ubud. Perhaps slightly more expensive than a Warung, but still Dutch for cheap. We opted for some different small snacks, such as the duck, satay and a salad. It was really horribly good. If you are in Ubud then you should definitely eat here.

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Biah Biah

Biah Biah was our favorite. The food here is very cheap (beer too) and also very tasty. Very nice is that you can order different small dishes and share them together.

The seeds of life

Ubud is a bit of Vegan heaven. You will find top vegan restaurants everywhere. I managed to persuade Leroy (who normally likes meat) to eat something here. In most restaurants in Indonesia you will find few dishes with a lot of vegetables and since I prefer not to eat so much meat, it was very nice to be in Ubud. It is slightly more expensive, but very tasty. So nice that we went back again. Leroy chose the pasta the first time and the lasagna the second time. Both very tasty. The first time I went for a smoothie bowl and the second time for my own composite salad. Recommended!

ubud hotspots
ubud hotspots

Budhha Bowl

Not really in the center, but in the part where many backpackers are. Are you in the vicinity of this restaurant then you should definitely walk in here. We had lunch here and both opted for a salad bowl. I for the Vietnamese and that was really heavenly.

Toro Sushi

Toro Sushi is also in the same street as The Seeds of Life and Biah Biah. Go here between 4 and 7 and take advantage of the happy hour. Then you will get an extra role for free. We ate here twice with just the two of us for around 15 euros and then you are really full. Oh and not entirely unimportant the sushi is GOODDD !!!!

ubud hotspots
ubud hotspots

Fair Warung

Good food and also supporting a good cause is possible at Fair Warung. It is often very busy here so booking in advance is not a luxury. Order the chicken curry and believe me you won’t regret it.

The Meltingwok

Just enjoy a quick curry that is possible at The Meltingwok. Tasty and extremely cheap.

Semima cafe

In many places in Indonesia it is very difficult to get good coffee. However, this is not a problem in Ubud. You can order very tasty coffee at Semima cafe. Tip: You can also order a coffee tasting here. The lunch is also very good, but a bit on the expensive side for Indonesian standards.

Unfortunately, work was also needed in Ubud. We did that at this cafe because the wifi was great. So definitely a tip for when you are looking for a workplace.

In the evening, have a drink and dance in the Bamboo bar

If you fancy a dance, the Bamboo bar is a must. You can find the bar around the corner from the market. There is often live music here. Sometimes reagge, oldies and even 90s.

Gelato Secrets

Tempe or durian ice cream, you can’t imagine it that way or at Gelato Secrets. It is no longer a big secret in Ubud, because every night stands until the line to the outside. Not surprising because the ice cream is delicious. And don’t panic, because they also sell normal flavors such as chocolate, oreo or snicker at Gelato Secrets.

We also drank a drink at Luna cafe and a good coffee at Juice Jaw.

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  • Lazy Cats Cafe: hipperdehip!
  • Watercress: for the tastiest breakfasts

  • Warung Ika Oka: indofood heaven

  • KAFE: vegan food and more

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