Hotspots Montepulciano – Where to eat Montepulciano

Hotspots Montepulciano – Where to eat Montepulciano

Holy Moly wthe food in Montepulciano is AMAZING. It is a good thing that we have only been here a few days, otherwise I would be as round as a barrel.

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Of course we have collected the tastiest hotspots from Montepulciano for you:

Restaurante La Casina Montepulciano

My dear niece and Montepulciano connoisseur came with this eating tip and I am very grateful to her. The restaurant is located just outside the city where you can enjoy a beautiful view outside. As a tip I got the pasta with asparagus and strawberry sauce. Say WHAT! ??? Yes sounds a bit freaky, but WOW what a good combination this is. We only ate pasta here, but you can have a very good dinner here. If you are in Montepulciano then you should definitely stop here.

 Montepulciano hotspots
Montepulciano hotspots

Sette de Vino

In cute Pienza you will find this great restaurant on a cozy square. You can not order pizza or pasta here, but really Tuscan food as the owner told us. During lunch I decided to go for bean soup and Leroy naturally opted for something with meat. As an appetizer we had some bruschetta. The food was great and also super affordable. Go eat here when you are in Pienza! You will not regret it.

Buon Gusto Gelateria

Of course a gelato cannot be missed in Tuscany. You can get a great ice cream at Buon Gusto gelateria in Pienza. Awesome!

Dispensa dei Golosi

The Riposo (siesta) in Italy takes a while before you actually have it in your system. We regularly went to a small town around 3 o’clock to eat something. Big bad luck, because really everything is closed and the restaurant that are open serve almost never eat around this time. Because we couldn’t really find a restaurant in the city, we accidentally ended up at Dispensa dei Golosi. Lucky in an accident. Although this is actually a wine bar, the owner could make a delicious sandwich for us. The wine bar also has a delicacy shop where you can buy different wines, cheeses and sausages. I opted for a simple sandwich with old cheese and tomato, and Leroy especially (how could it be otherwise) a special sausage. The sandwiches were simple, but really super tasty. And that for around 5 euros per sandwich. I also chose to be surprised with a Tuscan wine from the neighborhood, which I liked so much that we immediately took a bottle home. We also bought some cheeses here to take home.

 Montepulciano hotspots
Montepulciano hotspots

Don’t! 2.0 beer and wine

Something I don’t do quickly is discouraging restaurants, but this cafe has made such a bad impression on me. We decided to have a drink at 2.0 beer and wine. It looked super cozy and hip, but we weren’t really impressed with the menu so we decided to just have a drink. There was no drinks menu, but she advised Leroy a local beer and I chose a house wine. The owners, however, behaved a little oddly and vaguely and were, I think, quite annoyed that we didn’t come to eat anything. At the checkout we suddenly had to pay 12 euros for two (not so fantastic) drinks. For a good glass of wine or I quietly pay 6 euros, but this was just a simple house wine without explanation which was just as quickly poured.

Other hotspots that I would like to visit are:

– La Vineria di Montepulciano
– La Bottega del Nobile
– L’Altro cantuccio
– Caffé POliziano
– Gattavecchi Winery
– Ristorante La Grotta
– Podere IL Casale

 Montepulciano hotspots
Montepulciano hotspots

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