Canggu Where to eat – Canggu hotspots

Canggu Where to eat – Canggu hotspots

Canggu is the hotspot heaven of Bali. It is full of trendy restaurants, cool eateries and beautiful beach bars. Whether you want to go out for a cheap drink, or want to go out for luxury. Canggu is a very nice place for everyone. We like to come there and are already going back a few times. The atmosphere is so relaxed and the food is great. So it’s time to list the best Canggu hotspots for you.

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On the recommendation of friends we went directly to the restaurant Betelnut. And it was DELICIOUS. Affordable and very tasty food. You will find delicious Indonesian dishes, bowls and good burgers here. Basically anything and everything, but always super good. And the portions are huge. You are full after a main course. Which is even a bit of a shame because the cakes also look horribly tasty. Betelnut is one of the first restaurants that settled on the street and after all these years still a great success.

Nude cafe

At Berawa beach you will find the Nude cafe and should definitely not be missing from the Canggu hotspots list. Highly recommended if you are looking for a delicious healthy meal, breakfast or a burger. I chose the Poke Bowl and it was divine. Slightly more expensive than normal, but very tasty. The burgers and breakfasts were also a big success. We went back here several times because it was so delicious. Our favorite in Indonesia.

Mason Bali

Not open very long and already super popular. This restaurant not only looks great, the food is also fantastic. Although they also have some vegetarian dishes here, the meat is especially recommended. Everything is prepared outside on large barbecues and ovens. No crazy antics or difficult dishes, but a good piece of meat. Horribly good. Definitely one of the nicest Canggu hotspots.

The Slow

Take it easy? That is very well possible at The Slow. This super trendy restaurant is a nice place to step back. There is a very calm atmosphere and the food is great. The Slow is open all day. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a cocktail. According to many, the best cocktails from Canggu.

Holiday Canggu

The breakfast shop Holiday Canggu was also opened not too long ago. And it is certainly a small holiday. The Vietnamese Egg Coffee was the deciding factor for me to visit this place. And how nice it was. Leroy ordered waffles with egg and they looked horribly good. I chose a smoothie bowl because I am addicted to those things. But I secretly regretted it a bit, not that it wasn’t tasty, but mainly because Leroy’s breakfast looked so incredibly good.

Warung Dandelion

Very cheap and super tasty. For tasty Indonesian food, go to Dandelion. The restaurant looks super nice. And completely different from most places like Canggu. No concrete and steel here, but lots of driftwood, cozy lights, soft colors and lots of green. Upon arrival you are a bit shocked. The tables are super nicely laid out with beautiful wine glasses and everything seems that this is an expensive restaurant. Until you receive the menu. The prices here are nice and normal again, which is sometimes a bit tricky in Canggu. This is definitely recommended in Canggu.

Old mans

You can go to Old Mans from morning until late in the evening. Especially the parties are legendary. The dance floor is full every evening. From old hip hop to house. But you can also come here for lunch and dinner for a good meal.

Finns Beach club

On Berawa beach you will find the new and super luxurious Finns beach club. Every evening there is a DJ playing and you can sit down on one of the many beanbags. But you can also have a romantic dinner here. If you get hot from all the dancing, you can cool off in the swimming pool. Finns Beachclub is a bit expensive, but with happy hours you don’t notice much of this. Between 6 and 10 o’clock in the evening you will get three free cocktails if you order one. Not bad, I say so.

* This year (2018), however, we went back to it and then Finns Beachclub was a bit disappointing. A bit over the top and lots of screaming, incredibly drunk people.


After all that surfing you can treat yourself to something delicious. At Creamery you will find the tastiest Sundays and Cookie ice creams. Cookie ice creams? Yes, that is a kind of waffle ice cream, but with huge tasty cookies.

Deus ex machina

A little too hip for us with all the VIP parts, but this restaurant looks beautiful. The building is huge and yet almost impossible to get hold of. This is one of the hottest spots in Canggu and we understand why. Maybe not our favorite, but definitely worth a visit.

La Laguna

Another mega hipster spot in Canggu is La Laguna. This place would be great if they didn’t have the ridiculous conditions that you have to spend a minimum of 15 euros per person to come in. Although this is not at all difficult with the prices of La Laguna. Although it is enormously expensive and has a stupid door policy, La Laguna is one of the most beautiful places in Canggu. It is on the beach and has a Boho-Chic interior. Everywhere you will find nice seats and colorful pipowagents. It is certainly very nice to visit. Would you like to take a look, make sure that you have not eaten yet, so that 15 euros is not bad.


For a nice breakfast and a good cup of coffee you go to Crate. Here you will find delicious sandwiches that are scarce in Indonesia, but also smoothie bowls and much more. The smoothie bowls are really great here, the atmosphere a little less so. It is quite busy with a lot of difficult people. Also the staff was not really friendly.

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