10 Best Hotspots Pokhara

10 Best Hotspots Pokhara

Pokhara is the beginning or end point for many people who are planning to go trekking in the Himalaya, but it is also a wonderful little city to enjoy a few days. Sit at the lakeside with a view of the mountain tops of the Himalayas, shop at the numerous nice Nepalese shops, parasail or do a trek through the Pokhara valley. And Pokhara is packed with nice restaurants. From traditional Nepali food to burgers from the grill. During the trek there is little variation in meals and you also want something different than Dal Bath (and I really like Dal Bath). Then it is very nice that Pokhara offers so much choice in restaurants. We have collected the best Pokhara hotspots for you.

1. Movie Garden

My absolute No. 1 in Pokhara. Maybe not really a restaurant, but this is the nicest outdoor cinema where I ever watched a movie. Every day you can go here for funny and good movies. But also for delicious pizzas and fantastic cocktails. You have to find it first. The way up is indicated with candles. Once you have arrived, you immediately feel the warm atmosphere. The seating areas consist of chairs, cushions on the floor and you name it. If you get cold, just take a blanket. A good pizza, some popcorn for dessert, if you’re lucky you will also spot some fireflies and believe me you really have a great night!

moviegarden pokhara

2. Bamboo bar

Here we came every day just to drink a “quick” cup of coffee (and to cuddle with the cat) but we often stayed so long that we eventually starting ordering ice cold beers. The Bamboo bar sits right on the lakeside so you really have a fantastic view. We could really spend hours looking at this and doing nothing. A wonderful place to dream away completely.

bamboo bar pokhara

3. Fresh Elements

One of the first restaurants that we tried in Pokhara! The restaurant is super hip and in the courtyard you can sit very cozy. I chose a delicious couscous salad and although it may not look super nice, it was really delicious!

hotspots pokhara

4. Road House

Something that you do not find a lot in Nepal on the menu is meat. Most Nepalese eat almost no meat. I liked this very much, but have to admit that alternation can sometimes be nice (especially Leroy, p). If you are looking for a good burger or a piece of meat from the grill, then you should go to Road House. We chose a cordon blue and it was truly divine. Do you feel like Western food then go here!

5. OR2K

Super hip and very good! OR2K is completely the opposite of restaurant Road House. Here, everything revolves around vegetarian food. The choice is really huge and the food is incredibly good. It is a little bit trippy. So you eat here on the ground, there are no shoes inside and you hear meditation music everywhere.

6. Rosemary Chicken

At Rosemary Chicken you can get both Nepalese and Western dishes. The food is excellent, but we were especially surprised by the staff. Everyone was so friendly here. We have been advised and surprised by the restaurant. And this was really great! Especially the Momos you should try here.

pokhara hotspots

7. Chick’N”Falafe

If you want to eat well for little money, then you go to Chick’N “Falafel, I can eat falafel every day, so I’ll be very happy with this, you can order döner or Falafel here for a few euros and then you’re real bomb full.

8. French Creperie and Bar

I am really a die-hard dessert fan. I prefer eating desserts all day long , but then I would get hugeee. So I often stick in, but when I came across French Creperie and Bar my heart made a small leap. Of course I had to try this. And of course with Nutella, banana and nuts. To lick your fingers.

pokhara hotspots

9. The Harbour

A very nice and cozy restaurant where you can eat good Western food. The restaurant is really gigantic and has a beautiful view above. We ate a pasta here and it was really great!

pokhara hotspots

10. Jiva Cafe & Spa

We came here for a massage (which was really fantastic) but you can also go for a healthy lunch here. The garden is super green and you can sit here comfortably.

pokhara hotspots

Super convenient! Download the Google Maps below and easily find all hotspots when you’re in Pokhara.

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