The best way to discover the bustling city of Hanoi is with the Hanoi Street Food tour. You can choose to go with a scooter, but also on foot. For another 20 euros you can walk around the streets of Hanoi for about 3 hours and eat at the best street food tents in Hanoi. You discover the city and the tastiest food in a fun way. You would normally pass most tents quickly, which makes this tour extra special. You learn a lot about the city, the food and the culture. In total we visited 7 eateries where we tried different dishes. Here an impression of our tour. You can book the tour on site or online at Hanoi Streetfood tour.

Note: this article is automatically translated from the original dutch version for English purposes and may contain some dodgy spelling and grammar. But no worries we will update these articles as soon as possible.
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The first stop – Bun Cha at Bun Cha Ta

Delicious !!! Certainly do. If you do not do the tour, you must still visit this restaurant. Here we ate the best Bun Cha.


The second stop consisted of an ice cream at the lake

Nice and fresh on a warm day.


3. Steamed Rice Rolls

Of course we also had to work ourselves.
P1050898 P1050901 P1050906

4. A little bit of everything

Stop 4 was a very special place. We arrived here via small alleys. A special place, with fluorescent lighting and a hilarious photo on the wall of a half-naked man, but of course the food was delicious again. We got several fried dishes here.
P1050913 P1050914 P1050915

5. Dried Bacon YUMMMM!!!

I found this really delicious. Here we got Nom thit bo Kho, three beef salad.
P1050919 P1050920 P1050921

6. Che dessert

In Vietnam, most people do not eat desserts, but when they eat dessert they often opt for fresh fruit or the Che dessert. The dessert consists of coconut cream, fruit and black beans, yes indeed beans. Maybe a strange combination, but very tasty. As a dessert lover, this made me very happy.

7. Egg coffee & Bahn Mi

If you go to Hanoi you will probably read about Egg Coffee. Stop doubting and just try. It really is the best coffee EVER. At the last tent we were served a delicious Bahn Mi (which we unfortunately already had before I could take a photo) and an Egg coffee.

20160409_194033 P2136752-1920x1000

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