Sunny day and good food. The best ingredients for a fantastic weekend away. And for us the two main reasons to book a few days in Malaga. Malaga is a food paradise. So foodies, city trippers and basically just everyone who has Malaga on their bucket list; listen up! Because we have eaten our way through Malaga for 3 days to give you the best hotspots in Malaga. Read which tapas bars, traditional wine bars, trendy lunchroom or cozy restaurants in Malaga you should not miss.


You can not miss this restaurant in Malaga. Uvedoble has won the first prize for their Russian Salad. A bit crazy since the dish originally comes from Russia, but Russian Salad is so popular in the region that every year all restaurants in Malaga compete against each other for the No. 1 place for the best Russian Salad.In 2018 the price was won by Uvedoble. Of course we had to taste this, and ofcourse the rest of the complete menu. The Russian Salad is simple, but oh so good and seriously addictive. Actually everything was just fantastic. Uvedoble serve traditional tapas with a modern twist. You should definetely try the kebab with shrimp. For us this place was the No. 1 hotspot of Malaga.


This place is a hiddem gem. At Los Patios you will find the best wines of spain. And with wine comes good food. From extensive dining to small bites. There is a cozy atmosphere and the employees are super friendly. You should definitely try the tuna, but also the croquettes. We got this tip during our food tour through Malaga and were very happy with it.


Eat like a local! Go to Mesón Mariano. A delicious traditional tapas restaurant that is known for its artichoke. The restaurant is small and cozy and only serves traditional tapas. The restaurant opens around 20.00 and then it is immediately busy until late in the evening. You should definitely visit Mesón Mariano for the ultimate Malaga experience.


Tapas with a modern twist. This restaurant looks great and the food is awesome. THey serve mainly Spanish dishes with a modern twist. They also won the best price for their Russian Salad in 2016.


Favoriete Malaga hotspot of many: El Pimpi. You can not not visit El Pimpi, because it is everywhere. This Traditional Bodega has been packed with guests since 1971. The location and the food are fantastic. You can sit on the terrace or drink a beer at the bar. For the people in Malaga, El Pimpi is best known as the restaurant of Antonio Banderas, who is like god for them. Serious. Do not say anything wrong about Antonio Banderas when you are in Malaga, because before you know it you’re banned from the city.


Croissant, bread or a tasty cake.Julia’s Bakery is the place to be. One of the most famous hotspots of Malaga. If you want a true foodie breakfast, a good cup of coffee or a delicious lunch, you should definitely pay a visit to Julia’s Bakery.


We runned into this place during our bike ride and enjoyed a cup of coffee in the sun. The salads also looked very good.


Super small and super cute. Just visit this place.


The market halls is a must Malaga hotspot. It is the place to be for really good and affordable food. From fresh figs with almonds, fried eggplant and of course a lot of fish. And you will not be short of drinks here either. Especially the Summer Wine is really good.

Want to discover the best Malaga hotspots yourself? Book a food tour! During this tour you will learn a lot about Malaga and the best hotspots. At the end you get a handy travel guide with the nicest restaurants in Malaga, from traditional to super hip. D

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