The capital of East Java, the second largest city in Indonesia and the city of the heroes. Yet few people know this city. Let alone that they visit the city when they are in Indonesia. A shame … because we thought this was a very nice city. It may not have romantic streets or very special sights, but the city has something. You will find countless hip eateries and shops here.

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After a week of Karimunjawa , it was secretly nice to walk around in civilization again. Nice decadent dining out, no more sand everywhere and some people around you again. The nice variety and diversity of Java. We decided to enjoy the luxury here again and especially to eat and drink and of course to relax.

Surabaya is the main port city of the island and is located at the mouth of the Mas river. The Java Sea is located on the north and east side of the city.

The city has no less than 3 million inhabitants and has a large diversity of ethnic groups.

Surabaya where to stay: Amaris Hotel Margorejo Surabaya

In the capital of East Java, Surabaya, it can be quite chaotic and busy. Don’t get me wrong because I think it’s a wonderful city. But after a day of strolling through the busy city, the honking and the chaos, it is nice to be able to go to a comfortable, quiet place. We stayed at the Amaris Hotel Margorejo Surabaya .


To do

There is plenty to see and do in Surabaja. However, we decided to spend our days here strolling around the city, massages and good food. Not a bad planning, I thought.

The Battery Spa

Opposite the Java Paragon Hotel you will find the entrance to the Battery Spa. Immediately upon entering you experience a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. A beautiful swimming pool on the right and lots of greenery. It is a modern and hip wellness center with a wide selection of treatments. From beauty treatments to re-energize packages. To completely relax, we opt for the signature spa Package. 150 minutes of dreaming away and ultimate enjoyment. The package contains a body scrub, body massage, body mask, herbal bath and as if that would not be enough, also a facial treatment. We are really pampered. A very nice treatment that we can benefit from in the coming period.

Eating at Arumanis Restuarant

You don’t believe it but eating at this buffet is really a big tip. During our stay in Karimunjawa we received this as a tip from a Dutch couple, whom we are still very grateful. At the Bimi Hotel in Surabaya you have the Arumanis hotel where a delicious buffet is served 3 times a day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we are not talking about a small simple buffet. You really have everything here and everything is good! Sushi, Satay, Countless desserts, Western and traditional food. It is highly recommended. You pay around 10 euros per person to eat here.

You can also visit various sights such as:


  • Traditional port of Kalimas, the port of Surabaya

  • Surabaya Zoo, the largest zoo in Southeast Asia

  • Surabaya Al-Akbar Mosque, one of the great mosques of Indonesia

  • Tunjungan Plaza, the largest shopping mall in East Java

  • Chinese temples [edit]

  • Kelenteng Sanggar Agung

  • Gredja Boen Bio

  • Hong Tiek Hiantempel

Hotspots Surabaya

Surabaya is full of good hotspots where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a drink.

Buffet at Arumanis restaurant

A huge buffet with the tastiest meals. You can walk around for hours here. If you come a little later, you often also get a discount. We lost around 30 – 40 euros with the two of us incl. Drinks.

La Rucalla

Fancy Italian, then go to La Rucalla. We haven’t really come across a good Italian in Indonesia yet, so this is also a very nice tip.

Historica (the Society Club)

Here you will find mostly young hip, hard-working young people who enjoy a smoothie, coffee and a good lunch. A super hip place.

The Buro

In addition to Historica and just as hip is The Buro. The place for a drink in the evening. Especially on the student evenings.

Sushi Tei

We were so excited about Suhsi and had read some good stories about Sushi Tei. It is in a shopping mall so it takes some searching, but once found you are happy. The sushi is really tasty and super affordable.

La cafe Gourmand Special (breakfast)

Scoring a breakfast as we are used to, unfortunately, is not always easy. We finally found La Cafe Gourmand. WOW. This was a fantastic breakfast. They had delicious coffees and a choice of different French breakfasts.

Citilites Skyclub & Bistro

If you want to go to a sky bar in Surabaya then Citilities is the place. Super hip and with a beautiful view of the city. An extra special place for me because after 11 years, on the very same day that I met my friend, I was asked to marry here.

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