We have the perfect route for you if you want to visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in 4 weeks. We look back at one of our most amazing trips. The beautiful landscapes, amazing cities, culture, beaches, great food and of course the amazing people we met on the way.

But with every trip their are also things we would have done differently. For example, 2 weeks in Vietnam was way too short. You can easily travel 4 weeks through Vietnam and still discover new places. There are many places that we would have liked to visit. But we decided to go back another time. Check out our route Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.


  • Hanoi – 2 nights
  • Sapa – 2 nights (incl. Night train)
  • Halong Bay – 1 night
  • Hoi An – 3 nights
  • Ho Chi Minh – 2 nights
  • Phnom Pen – 2 nights
  • Sen Monorom – 2 nights
  • Siem Reap – 4 nights
  • Koh Chang – 3 nights
  • Koh Kood – 4 nights
  • Bangkok – 2 nights


After three flights and almost 30 hours later (we had a stopover of more than 5 hours on Bangkok), we finally arrived at the first destination of our journey: the capital of Vietnam; Hanoi! Hanoi has about 6.5 million inhabitants and is the largest city in the country after Ho Chi Minh City. If you like a bit of Chaos, you will fall in love with Hanoi. We loved it; the people, chaos, traffic and especially the food. Just take place at one of the small restaurants nearby a street and with a good cup of Vietnamese coffee or a cheap beer and you will be entertained for free all day. You should get a hotel or hostel in or nearby the old center, close to the Hoan Kiem Lake. Although we do like chaos, three days in the city are more than enough.

Things we should differently

  • Shorter stopover in Bangkok
  • Book a more luxurious hotel after such a long flight

Foedsie recommendation

  • Buy a return to Bangkok and from Bangkok a separate ticket to Hanoi.
  • Book a food tour! The food in Vietnam is ridiculously good.
  • Go to beercorner in the evening
  • Try the egg coffee !! Yes, I know it doens’t sound very tasty, but trust me on this. It is the best coffee you will ever try.
  • Get to know the history of the country a bit better by visiting the Hao Li Prison.
  • If you have a little bit more budget, go and eat at Home Vietnamese Restaurant.
  • The best tip for all of Vietnam: never run while crossing! Stay calm, raise your hand and walk quietly across the road. The bikes will not hit you.

SAPA (3 days)

From complete chaos to the beautiful landscapes of Sapa. A lot of people skip this place. We can not say it enough, Sapa was one of our favourite places during this trip. So please ass this your bucketlist.

We booked a tour with Sapa sisters and it was amazing. The tour was a bit more expensive than that you would book the tour on arrival, but the tour is well arranged and the organization has a great care program for the women.

HALONG BAY (2 days)

Halong Bay is probably the most well known place in Vietnam. Halong Bay means bay of the dragon. The area is 15,000 m2 large with 1969 limestone islands, each with dense vegetation at the top. A fairytale scenery. Nevertheless, we found Halong Bay a bit disappointing. The cruise was fantastic, but the area is so crowded and a bit polluted. Yet you can not skip this area. Because even if it is touristy it is so impressive and unique. Tip: We really enjoyed Pelican Cruise. For 75 euros per night including breakfast, lunch, dinner and trips also an affordable one. The room is incredibly luxurious and the food delicious.We stayed for 1 night and found this more than enough.

HOI AN (4 days)

This city was our absolute favorite. Walking, cycling, shopping, sunbathing, swimming, delicious food and relaxing, everything is possible in Hoi An. It is the atmosphere, the food, the people and all together makes this place awsome. Tip: Go cycling !! Cycle through the city, rice fields or go to the beach. Hoi An is not that big and by bike you will discover the most amazing places. If you your budget allows it, you should definitely book a room at the Anantara hotel. WOW !!!! Best hotel everl. Room, location, food, service everything was perfect!

Things we would differently

  • Don’t take a taxi, just rent a bike.
  • We would have loved to stayed here for another night


Ho Chi Minh, als known as Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam. The city is completely different from Hanoi, very modern, large, but also very chaotic. We loved it. You should visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. Go by public transport. It takes a little longer, but it is an experience in itself. It is better to visit Ben Duoc. These tunnels are less touristy and almost unadapted.

Foedsie recommendation

  • Visit the tunnels
  • Visit the War Remnants Museum
  • Want to do something different? Have dinner in the dark at Noir.

PHNOM PENH (2 days)

Maybe not the most beautiful city of the world, but worth a visit. Cambodia has a very voilent history. When you visit the country it is good to get to know a bit more about the history of this country. We visited the Tuol Sleng museum Visit the killing fields. This may not be a very cheerful day, but very important to visit.

SEN MONOROM (3 days)

Discover a part of cambodia not a lot of people visit: the Mondulkiri province. It is not the most logical route, but if you can spare some days then this is definitely worth the visit. Our main reason to visit this place was the Mondulkiri Elephant valley project.


You will visit Siem Reap when you will visit the temples of Angkor What. But the city itself is also a great place to visit. Very vibrant and full of amazing hotspots. Hidden in a beautiful environment you will find the most amazing temples. You can really walk around here for days and still discover new temples. The park is gigantic. The city of Siem Reap is also very nice, with nice bars, cute streets and big markets. Highly recommended.

Foedsie recommendation

  • Stay at the Pavillion. Fantastic hotel.
  • Ta Prohm is super touristy, but you absolutely can not skip this temple
  • Ask a tuktuk driver to be your drive for a whole day. This costs about 10 euros max. You do not want to go looking for transport in the heat.


Sunny days and beautiful beaches. From Siem Reap it is just a couple of hours to Koh Chang in Thailand. Crossing the border can be very hectic and takes sp,e time. Keep this in mind. Once you have arrived in Koh Chang you will soon forget the trip immediately. Prepare for a couple of days of relaxing. You will find several hostels on the island, but also large resorts. We chose the beautiful Panviman resort to completely unwind. What an amazing choice. This resort was fantastic

Foedsie recommendation

  • Rent a bike and discover the area


Koh Kood is a paradise! Spent your days doing absolutely nothing. You can discover the island by bike and you can also dive or snorkel around the area. However do not expect colorful coral and alot of fish.


From Koh Kood we went to our last destination: Bangkok. It was quite a shock to go from doing nothing to the chaos of Bangkok. We didn’t loved the city, but had a good time. Eat a lot of great food and watched a muay thai game at the rajadamnern stage.

After four weeks of traveling around, we look back at a fantastic time. We have seen the most beautiful places and met the most amazing people. It was a lot in a very short time.

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