Route Lombok

Route Lombok

Lombok is green, quiet and has countless bounty beaches. This part of Indonesia is not very big, which makes it perfect to take the motorcycle / scooter to explore the island. In a few days you can drive around the island and discover the most unique places. View our route Lombok and the best tips in this article.

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Two weeks ago I received a message that Lombok’s travel advice has been changed from only necessary travel “to” note, there are safety risks “. This is because there is still a lot of damage to buildings, infrastructure etc. but this is mainly in the north. If you still have doubts about visiting Lombok, I would especially advise you to do so. We thought it was a wonderful place and it is a shame to see so many people staying away. Declining tourism has major consequences for the population of this island. So it’s time for an article about this beautiful island. Whether I would go back to it? Absolutely! And that will certainly happen sometime.

Route Lombok 2 weeks


  • Gili Air – 3 nights

  • Gili Trawangan – 3 nights

  • Kuta Lombok – 4 nights

  • Senggigi – 2 nights

  • Tetebatu – 2 nights

2 weeks of backpacking through Lombok Indonesia

Lombok really has everything! From beautiful beaches, endless green rice fields to gigantic volcanoes. We drove by motorbike through this beautiful island and on the way we came across the most beautiful views, sweetest people and most special places. It is an island that we will definitely go back to and fall in love with a little (but that actually applies to the whole of Indonesia). Curious about our journey through Lombok? We have mapped our route for you.

Do nothing at all on the Gili Islands

Our journey through Lombok started in the Gili Islands. This piece of Lombok is known to most people who come to Indonesia. Many people combine their trip through Bali with a visit to this piece of paradise. Not surprising, because here you will find gems of beaches and you will regularly come across a turtle with snorkeling and diving. It is also one of the busiest parts of Lombok. So it is no longer very quiet here. The islands are packed in high season. Although it is quite busy, we still thought it was a very nice place.

Occasionally having a party on its time and unabashedly lying on the beach all day is actually not so bad. But if you still want to do something more, you can also dive, surf, snorkel or even explore the island by bike.

Do you find it difficult to choose between the different islands? Gili Meno is also called honeymoon island. You will mainly find resorts here and are very focused on couples. Gili Air is a bit of a hippie island. You have countless nice eateries and accommodations here. Although it is already quite busy, there is still a very nice relaxed atmosphere. Then you have GIli Trawangan. Do you fancy a fee? Then you are in the right place here. This is the busiest island of the three. Many people find it a bit disappointing due to the crowds and many parties. We actually thought it was a nice place. The Gili Air & Trawangan combi in particular was perfect for us.

Kuta Lombok, a Foedsie favorite

I’m a bit in love with this place. I found it so delicious here. The village does not win a beauty prize, but is full of nice eateries and bars. The accommodations here are also cheap and very nice. From Bali you can catch a ferry to Lombok, fly or catch a fastboat from GIli Island.

Kuta Lombok is the perfect place to rent a scooter for a few days to discover new places every day. Occasionally you stop at a nice beach to catch some waves, because you can also surf very well here. If you are broken after a day of cruising and surfing, sit down at one of the many trendy eateries. After dinner you drink a drink on the beach or at a nice bar until the late hours. We were able to sustain this for days and we did it with great pleasure.


Although we found Senggigi itself not very special, this place should not be missing from the route. The route from Kuta Lombok to Senggigi with the scooter was one to never forget. A breathtaking trip along the coast of Lombok where you pass the nicest villages. Only for that reason is Senggigi highly recommended.

You will find many villas in Senggigi. If you want to relax, you can rent a huge villa with a private swimming pool here for a good price. No wrong way to spend 1 or 2 days and then continue cruising again.


Tetebatu was one of our favorite places in Indonesia. The small, cute Tetebatu is located at the foot of the giant Rinjani volcano. Many people only visit this place to climb the volcano, while the beautiful Tetebatu has so much more to offer. The area is breathtakingly beautiful full of bright green rice fields and hidden waterfalls.

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