Tentena you were a nice surprise during our trip through Sulawesi. We would really only stay here overnight to interrupt the long journey to the Togian Islands . But Tentena managed to completely pack us in with her beauty.

The first thing you notice about this place is the Poso lake. Not to be missed, since Lake Poso, with its 320 km², is the third largest lake in Indonesia.(The largest lake is Lake Toba, also very beautiful). You think you are on a tropical island rather than on a lake. The water has a beautiful clear color and you will find hidden beaches everywhere.

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To do in Tentena

Saluopa waterfall

At approximately 10 km from Tentena you will find the beautiful Saluopa waterfalls. You first walk along some rice fields, then a short walk through the jungle to find a beautiful hidden and very impressive waterfall. The Saluopa waterfall consists of different floors. You can climb all the way up via a "staircase". At the bottom of the waterfall you can cool off. Recommended.

Rent a bike

Tentena is the perfect place to rent a scooter and explore the area. You will discover nice villages, rice fields and jungle everywhere. If you drive along the lake you will find beautiful deserted beaches, rocky landscapes and beautiful viewpoints.

Visit the local market

The markets of Sulawesi are quite intense to visit. On Sulawesi they eat everything. That is why you will find snakes, bats, rats and even dogs at the local market. Some still alive in cages. It seems to be very impressive to visit a local market. Although I am always open to places like this, we have skipped the market anyway. After Tana Toraja I had a bit of my portion of dead animals. We therefore decided to relax by the lake for a day. We have heard from several that it is a must-see when you are in Sulawesi.

Relax at Poso Lake

Everything is possible, nothing is allowed. Every now and then doing absolutely nothing is so nice. That is exactly what we have done in Tentena. After a visit to the falls and touring on the scooter, we decided to lie on the lake with a pair of tongs. Not a bad decision at all. tentena

Hotspots and food in Tentena

Tentena is not very big, so finding a nice eatery can be quite a search. At the market you can score nice local dishes, pisang, dragon fruit or a piece of bat; p. If you are going to visit the falls then it is definitely recommended to have a beer or something to drink in the rice fields. Furthermore, you just have to cruise around and stop when you come across something nice, because the food in Indonesia is actually always delicious. tentena

Recommendations to stay in Tentena?

Dolidi Ndano Resort

The reason we loved Tentena so much was largely due to our accommodation: Dolidi Ndano Resort . A beautiful little resort with a few houses on the Poso Lake. The cottages look great and have a great view over the lake. At the resort there is a small restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner. If you are too warm during the day, take a dip in the lake and in the evening you can enjoy a great view on the jetty. Perhaps the most special thing about this accommodation is that the Dutch owner also has an orphanage in the area. Part of your stay also goes to disadvantaged children in central Sulawesi. The Dolidi Ndano Foundation ensures that underprivileged children get a chance for a good future. In total they can offer a safe haven for 20 children. But they also offer education and medical assistance for children in the area. You can book by sending an email to the owner. However, be quick. The resort has only a few cottages and is therefore quickly full. tentena

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