Sulawesi really has everything! On this island you will find one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world, an overload of bounty islands, unique culture in Tana Toraja and if that is not enough then you can also spot rare animals. If you visit Tangkoko National Park you have a great chance of spotting black macaques, bear couscous and the most adorable animal in the world the tarsir. We stayed overnight near the park and spent the whole day in the jungle with cherry on the whipped cream in the evening.

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tangkok national park

To do in Tangkoko national park

When you go to Tangkoko National Park you only come for one thing, namely the jungle. Furthermore, there is not much to do in the area. You can walk straight into the jungle yourself (for a small fee), but of course it is much nicer to go with a guide. However, don't expect a jungle like in Sumatra or Borneo. The jungle itself is not very special, but the animals are definitely worth a visit. Bear couscous No bear couscous may sound like a couscous dish with beer, but it is not. It is a very cute animal that looks like a bear and also a bit like a monkey, but it is a marsupial. Do you still follow me ? What they are mainly is incredibly cute and unique. They only occur in Sulawesi and we were treated to not 1 but 9 bear cows. BEERKOESKOES Black Macaques Another black animal that only occurs in Sulawesi is the black macaque, also known as the crested macaque or the Sulawesi Macaque. They are more like a baboon, but it is really a macaque. Fortunately not such a cheeky stealing bastards like the macaques on other islands. The black macaque is calm and less accustomed to people. That way we could get very close, while they were just doing their thing. They stormed past with a whole group. Families can consist of hundreds of monkeys. They look very cuddly and cuddly with their long faces.
What is funny about the black macaque is that they mainly live on fruits and live on the ground. They no longer have natural enemies, so their tails are no longer needed. Although they have no natural enemies, the black macaque is an endangered species.


Never heard of the Tarsir? Get ready for some cuteness overload. Tarsir are inimini primates of about 12 cm, have inimini hands, inimini feet, but giant eye caps. They are nocturnal animals and, thanks to their large eyes, have good visibility at night. Fun fact! Every eye has the same size as the brain. Imagine if that were the case with people. Because the eyes are so large, the eyes can hardly turn. So they turn their entire head, sometimes even 180 degrees. In the evening whole groups appear, ready to go hunting for insects. The ghost animal then jumps from one branch to the other. It has a long tail and super funny long fingers with pillows. They can sometimes jump meters far. Really a special copy to have seen once. The ghost animal is only found in a few places in the world, including Sulawesi. As you read, I am certainly very enthusiastic. tangkoko

Watching birds

Tangkoko National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. You can spot countless unique bird species here. Unfortunately my knowledge about birds is zero, so I actually remembered only 1 and that is the rhino bird. Very rare to spot. Incidentally, it was great to see how some people became very enthusiastic about certain birds. tangkoko


Well ... and then my least favorite animal of the Sulawesi jungle; the tarantula. The gigantic tarantula is found in Tangkoko National Park and if you opt for evening trekking you can spot the spider. Juppiedepuppie! We are happy with that. All of us wait until a giant spider comes crawling out of a tree that you can possibly eat. No, the latter is perhaps a bit exaggerated and secretly it was pretty cool to see them. Until I was back in the house and thought that we were about 50 meters away from the jungle, so there is a chance that such a giant bird spider will visit your bed while you are asleep, by the way. slept like a baby. Was broken by the jungle trek and so tired that the whole bird spider could be stolen from me.tangkoko

Which budget is needed in Tangkoko National Park?

  • Transport to Manado or Surabaya beach (Bangka Island) 15 euros
  • Accommodation incl. Breakfast 25 euros
  • Lunch and dinner 2 euros per person
  • Jungletrekking 15 euros per person

Recommendations to stay in Tangkoko National Park?

We have booked 1 night at Tangkoko Hill Cottage. Although it is not really on a hill, the accommodation is really nice. The cottages are spacious and clean, but otherwise simple. The people are super friendly and helpful and that was really worth a 10 for us. Everything was really well organized. The food was also super good. The tour we booked with our accommodations and that was really great. The owner and his family are very nice and friendly people. Definitely recommended.A night or a day trip to Tangkoko National ParkIt is nice after the jungle that you can take a shower, sit down immediately and do not have to go all the way back to Manado, but an overnight stay is not really necessary. You could also visit Tangkoko National Park in one day. The accommodations are located on a road and are not very special. But if you do spend the night there, then Tangkoko Nationa Hill is highly recommended.

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