Rammang Rammang

Rammang Rammang

It is almost impossible to imagine, but about an hour’s drive from chaotic Makassar you are in the middle of the Rammang Rammang nature reserve. Beautiful mangroves, giant limestone rocks and lots of greenery. A fairy-tale environment that is absolutely worth a visit.

Rammang Rammang is part of the Batimurung Natoinaal park. It is a small village that is best known for its breathtaking surroundings. The village can only be reached via a boat, because it is surrounded by gigantic karst mountains. In the village you will find traditional houses (often on stilts on the water), many fish ponds and caves. The area is huge, so large that it is one of the largest limestone areas in the world.

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Rammang Rammang dorp

For us, Rammang Rammang was the start of our journey through Sulawesi and we were immediately surprised by her beauty. Sulawesi is still a piece of undiscovered Indonesia. Many areas are still unaffected and pure. Even at Rammang Rammang one of the most visited sights in the area, we were almost the only tourists. We have already visited many beautiful places in the world, but sometimes national parks feel more like a museum than a livable area. That was absolutely not the case here. Everyday life just went on quietly and the locals don’t really care much about the few crazy tourists who walk around in the sizzling heat. Children playing, entire groups fishing and families looking for shade with the little ones. Life in Rammang Rammang.

How to get to Rammang Rammang

In Makassar there are countless people who are happy to take you to the area and also tell you something about the area. Super handy and still very affordable. You don’t have to worry about anything. You meet for a while and they will pick you up for your hotel. You spend around 20 euros for this.

If you prefer to save some money, you can also grab a Grab for a few euros. You will then be dropped off at the port, where you can arrange a boat. Once arrived at the park you can explore the area yourself. It’s all pretty easy. Transportation is very easy to arrange in the Makassar area. And if there are no taxis there is always someone nearby who knows someone to take you away.

With a boat to Rammang Rammang

When you have arrived at “the harbor” of the national park you will be taken to the village with a small traditional boat. The boat trip on the Pute River is an experience in itself. The beautiful surroundings and the gigantic limestone georges make it a special experience. The boat trip takes approximately half an hour.

Caves, beautiful rice fields and viewpoints

A visit to Rammang Rammang is actually very simple. When you have arrived in the village, find your own way. There are some small improvised signs with a reference to one of the caves. You can follow the narrow paths and enjoy nature. We recommend that you go to a viewpoint where you can admire the entire area. Although I am not really the world’s biggest caves fan, the caves here are very unique. This is because handprints and drawings have been found here that are thousands of years old. Fancy a cup of coffee or a tasty snack, you can go to a number of traditional cottages for a snack and a drink.

Our final verdict: a big fat 8.5! This area is really a nice surprise. The contrast with the city of Makassar in particular is bizarre. An absolute must and a wonderful start to your journey through Sulawesi.

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