Karimunjawa, a well-kept secret that we share with you with a great deal of love. In the middle of the Java Sea you will find the beautiful Karimunjawa Archipelago consisting of 27 bounty islands with Karimunjawa as the main island. This island isn’t discovered by mass toerism, because for many people it is not really easy to visit. We visited many places in Indonesie but Karimunjawa is still one of our favourite islands. If you want to experience paradise in Indonesia, Karimunjawa is the place to be. Beside white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Karimunjawa also has a small village, mangroves and beautiful green surroundings.

The most beauitful beaches on Karimunjawa

The three most wellknown beaches of Karimunjawa are all next to each other. At the beach you will find some small eateries and even two bars. Via the main road you have to turn right at the intersection where you have to drive up a few minutes via a dirt road. Eventually you will see a sign on your right with the name of the beach on it. A little further you can park your bike and you will find the beach.


The first beach you will find is Tanjung Gelam. The smallest beach of the three. You will find beautiful palm trees up to the water here and some small eateries where you can buy fresh coconuts and order nasi goreng. Take your snorkel set with you when you go to this beach, because you will find beautiful coral everywhere.


Pantai Sunset

The most popular beach is Pantai Sunset. Here you have two small bars and some bean bags where you can relax with some beers of a cocktail. It’s a bit bigger than the other beaches, but still quiet small. You only have a little less shade here, so if you get warm, quickly cool down in the water.


Batu Topeng

Als very beautiful. It’s a bit more rocky and also very quiet.


How to get to Karimunjawa

It’s take a bit of time, but it’s not difficult to get there. We left from Yogyakarta. From here you can arrange a bus on every corner of the street. The bus leaves around midnight and takes about 5 hours. You arrive around half past five at the port of Jepara, here a ferry leaves for the island (you can also catch the fastboat that takes 2 hours) and takes about 4 hours The boat can be very crowded. Try to find a seat on top of the deck, then you have some fresh air and you can take a nap if you are lucky. Ask your accommodation to pick you up as soon as you arrive. There are no taxi’s at the harbor. We forgot and had to hitchhike to our hotel.

Hoe kom ik op Karimunjawa

Where to eat Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is no Canggu of anything like the Gili’s where you can find all kinds of great restaurants. We loved this about Karimunjawa and it doens’t mean you can’t find good food here.

Fish Market

The Fish Market of Karimunjawa was our favourite place to eat. It can be quiet a shock when you arrive. You will find fresh Fish on small tables with cats everywhere. It is not really according to European standards. But rest assured, because the fish does not get any fresher than this. Also the fish will be prepared before your own eyes. A big tuna will cost you less than 3 euros and this is more than enough for two people to eat. We ordered some rice with it and Voila, Diner is served!

Fishmarket Karimunjawa
Fishmarket Karimunjawa

Eat and Meet

Are you looking for a good pizza or a burger than Eat and meet is the best place to go to. I loved the pizza tuna.

Amore cafe

Great place to eat. I ordered the Soto Ayam, one of my favrourite Indonesian Dishes, and it was very good.

Breve Azurine Lagoon Resort

Breve Azure Lagoon Resort can be a bit expensive to stay, but you should definitely visit this place for diner. THe restaurant has a beautiful view over the ocean.


Recommended by other travelers

  • SAUNG ODANG Karimunjawa
  • Warung Ibu Esther
  • Waki Bar

To do In Karimunjawa

Rent a bike, drink a cocktail, wacht a stunning sunset and go snorkeling. This Karimunjawa Island Life isn’t that bad.


If you are in Karimunjawa you must go snorkeling. Yes, this is a MUST! During a snorkeling trip you visit 3 snorkeling sites and two islands. You get a fantastic lunch and you will be amazed by the beautiful surroundings. For a snorkeling trip you pay around 10 euros per person including lunch and gear.

You will find beautiful coral and countless fish everywhere. We also went to Turtle Point where we spotted 2 turtles.


Island Roadtrip

Renting a bike is a bit of necessity on this island, otherwise, you won’t get anywhere. We decided to explore the island as much as possible for 1 day. During this small roadtrip we met so many kind people and discovered the most beautiful surroundings of this island. Crossing cows, goats and chickens are very normal here. It’s also the perfect way to find some lonely beaches.

Karimunjawa op de scooter


In the middle of the island, you will also find a large mangrove. Very beautiful and perfect if you want to do something different. Although they ask for entrance, there is hardly anyone there. Be aware, because there are also be poisonous snakes at the mangrove.


At the time we were at Karimunjawa there were no Dive Centers. You could dive with the locals, but because we are not very experienced divers we decided to skip diving. But diving seems to be very beautiful here. You also have shipwrecks, sharks and very beautiful healthy coral. If you are experienced, then this is recommended.

Cocktail and Sunsets at Pantai Sunset

Go to Pantai Sunset during the sunset, order a cocktail and sit down in one of the bean bags. All you have to do is enjoy the sunset.

Recommendations to stay in Karimunjawa?

Because we don’t really had a route or schedule, we didn’t know exactly when we would arrive in Karimunjawa. As a result, a lot of accommodation were already fully booked. It’s better to book some thing in advance if you travel during high season. In the end we had to do a lot of hostel hopping, but that was okay. That way we had the change to discover some accommodations on the island for Foedsie.

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