The ultimate Java travel route

The ultimate Java travel route

Perhaps the surprise of our trip: Java. How we read varying stories about this. Some thought it was too busy and dirty, others thought it was the highlight of their trip. For me it was not only a part of Indonesia, but also a part of my own personal history. My grandfather and grandmother grew up here, enough reason for me to go here. But what surprised me about this island. From busy modern cities, beautiful temples, bounty islands and volcanoes. Best of all, traveling is super easy in Java. You simply take the train.

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What else do you want. In total we stayed on Java for just over 2 weeks. This was partly because we were stuck for a few days on the bounty island of Karimunjawa. Yes, life is hard. Two weeks is enough to see a lot of the island, but you can also spend a few months here. The island has at least enough to offer. View our 2 week Java route:

Route Java 2 weeks:

  • Jakara: 1 days
  • Bandung: 2 days
  • Yogyakarta: 4 days
  • Karimunjawa: 4 days
  • Surabaya: 2 days
  • Banyuwangi (Ijen): 3 days

Jakarta (1 day)

Normally we don’t listen to the stories of others, but we heard little positive about Jakarta. That is why we decided to spend the night here alone and to travel straight on the next day. It does not seem to be a terrible city, but it is not a top destination either. So unfortunately I can’t tell much about this, except that arranging the train tickets is really well organized. You just go to a train station, you go to a counter and there is someone on every corner who helps you on your way to the right train. Traveling has never been this easy.

Bandung (2 days)

We traveled by train from Jakarta to Bandung and that was really FANTASTIC. The seats are super comfortable, you have a lot of space and the view is really breathtaking. After about 6 hours we arrived in the flower city, Bandung. It is a chaotic, fun and diverse city. With many shopping malls, but also beautiful nature. In addition to being a nice city to visit, this city also has a special meaning for me. This is the city where my grandfather and grandmother spent a large part of their childhood. And on my grandmother’s farm (just outside the city) they fell madly in love with each other. How special to be at this place. Read the article about Bandung to do and great tips.

Java route 2 weken

Yogyakarta (4 days)

Yogyakarta is a must to add to your Java route. After about 8 hours by train from Bandung we arrive in Yogyakarta, also called the cultural center of Indonesia. What a fantastic city. You have everything here, beautiful nature, temples, delicious food and the best hotspots. It is really a city where you can spend days. Tip: rent a car with a few people for a day and let the driver decide where you are going. That way you can get away from the crowds and discover the nicest places. You can find the best tips for hotspots, accommodations and places of interest in the article about Yogyakarta.

Route java
Java route 2 weken El nido

Karimunjawa (7 days)

7 days may be a bit exaggerated, but it is certainly not annoying. Karimunjawa is truly a paradise on earth. I could stay here forever. It is mainly the atmosphere, the people and of course the beautiful beaches of this island that makes you steal your heart. You can easily stay here for a few days.

Route java
Java route 2 weken

Surabaya (2 days)

The capital of East Java, the second largest city in Indonesia and the city of the heroes. Yet few people know this city. Let alone that they visit the city when they are in Indonesia. A shame … because we thought this was a very nice city. It may not have romantic streets or very special sights, but the city has something. You will find countless hip eateries and shops here. Read everything about Surabaya.

Route java
Java route 2 weken

Banyuwangi (3 days)

We decided to skip the Bromo and only climb the Ijen volcano. We only had 1 reason for this, namely that we did not want to have a broken night twice. Because everything in Java starts in the middle of the night. And actually we had not regretted this for a moment. Although we have seen beautiful images of the Bromo and it must be fantastic, we really loved the Ijen Volcano. And if you are going to climb the Ijen you first go to Banyuwangi. What a wonderful name. We came here for the Ijen trek, but were really surprised by our stay at Bangsri Breeze and the beautiful surroundings around it. Read all about our time in Banyuwangi and climbing the Ijen volcano.

Route java
Java route 2 weken

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