Bandung is also known as “Paris of Java” of the “Flower City”. It is the third largest city of Indonesia what makes is quit chaotic and busy. It’s a walhalla for the shopaholic, because at every corner you will find a new shopping mall. As soon as you will exit the city center you will discover a totally different bandung. Mountains, hotsprings and the most beautiful nature.

Besides the fact that Bandung is a great city to visit, this city also has In meaning to me. My Grandparents (the parents of my Indonesian mother) grew up in this city. My Grandfather grew up in the city with his mother and brothers. My grandmother lived with her foster parents just outside the city at a farm. They \fell madly in love with each other when they were very young. Their love was forbidden by there parents, but they were just ment to be. When my grandmother turned 18 years they ran away to Papua new guinea and started a family of their own.

Traveling to Bandung

The best way to travel to Bandung is by train. Most people will take this train from Jakarta. You can buy tickets at or at the train station. You can also travel to Bandung by minivan, public bus and even by train. If your budget allows it you should definitely book an executive seat. It’s very spacious and comfortable.

bandung train
Bandung reizen met de trein

Travel by a local bus from Jakarta to Bandung

Traveling by bus is definitely the cheapest option for traveling to Bandung. It will cost around 2 – 5 euros. You can buy the tickets on the bus. There are a couple of buses per day that will go to Bandung directly. You can choose from Ekonomi, Bisnis or Eksekutif.

Travel with the minivan from Jakarta to Bandung

A more reliable option than the local bus is the minivan. This option will cost you around 12 euros. The minivans are quite nice and comfortable. You can buy the tickets on the bus or pre-book the tickets online. Most of the time you can also arrange your ticket at your hostel or hotel.

By train from Jakarta to Bandung

The train is definitely the fasted and most comfortable option. The route is very beautiful. The train takes around 3 to 4 hours from Jakarta and runs several times a day. You can purchase tickets in advance at , but there are more tickets available at the train station. Getting a ticket at the station is super easy.

bandung train
Bandung reizen met de trein

Get Around in Bandung

The cheapest and easiest option is always Grab. The public buses (Ankot) are cheaper and quite easy to use (only somewhat less comfortable).

The best way to discover the surroundings of Bandung is in a private car. Share it with a couple of people from your hostel for a lower rate.

Where to stay in Bandung

On the first night in Bandung, we stayed at the Best Western Hotel (€ 45 per night). The location of the Best Western Premier hotel is very central. You will find a lot of shopping malls nearby. The rooms are very spacious and modern.

Do you have a more limited budget? No problem. You find a lot of nice hostels in Bandung for a reasonable price. We stayed at Buton Backpacker Log. Super friendly people and very clean and spacious rooms.

What to do in Bandung

The city of Bandung is a very popular getaway for Indonesian people to visit. You got great food, modern hotels and a lot of shopping areas. But Bandung is also known for its nature. You can visit a volcano, the white crater lake, relax in natural hot springs, visit beautiful tea plantations or have a drink at one of the many restaurants in the mountains and enjoy a beautiful view.

You can book a tour, but the best way to discover the area is in a private car. That way you can visit some places that aren’t on the normal route. You can also visit these places with local transportation or a taxi, but you will miss the information that a tour guide can provide you.


The city center of Bandung is very modern and its mainly about shopping. Everywhere in the city, you will find large shopping malls where you can shop for all the big brands.

Fields of honor of Bandung

Bandung has been a Dutch colony for a long time. There are still certain places you should visit when you are dutch. The fields of honor, for example, are a must-visit for Dutch People. Dutch victims that died during World War II were buried here. The fields are still protected and cared for by the Dutch government. Many Dutch people know little about the war in Indonesia. Because a part of my family suffered during the war in Indonesia, it was nice to see that the people got a beautiful place here in Bandung. We visited the grave of my great grandfather and grandmother. It was a very emotional day.

bandung train
Bandung reizen met de trein


Not far from the city you can go to the mountains and enjoy a wonderful view of the city. You can visit these viewpoints by Grab or even better by Ankot. The last option is way more fun.

Kawah Putih (white crater honor)

At 2430 meters altitude just outside Bandung you will find the beautiful white crater lake. Due to its special light blue color, it’s one of the most visited sights in Bandung and even Java.

#explorebandung photo today by @taufikmln taken at Kawah Putih – Ciwidey

Een bericht gedeeld door BANDUNG (@explorebandung) op

Tangkuban Perahu Volcano

About an hour’s drive from Bandung you will find volcano Tangkuban Perahu. You can enjoy a spectacular view from a beautiful height. The Kawah Domas hot springs are also visible here.

Also check out the @explorebandung instagram account for all the beautiful places around Bandung.

Rising with the fog and sun in Pangalengan. lensed by @andhikabayu #explorebandung

Een bericht gedeeld door BANDUNG (@explorebandung) op

The most vibrant golden hour gleaming over the Kawah Upas — Tangkuban Perahu. photo by @muhammadyoke #explorebandung

Een bericht gedeeld door BANDUNG (@explorebandung) op

Every day, a new adventure. photo by @hilmanimanuddin #explorebandung

Een bericht gedeeld door BANDUNG (@explorebandung) op

Where to eat Bandung

In Bandung you can eat almost everywhere. The city is full of trendy restaurants. The only downside is that the city is quite big so sometimes you will need a taxi to get to the best restaurants in town.

We had a delicious drink at The Hangover café which was great and you have a beautiful view at The Valley, only it is a bit pricey.

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