Lovina is located in the quiet north of Bali. It is a very nice place to enjoy the peace for a few days. It is not a huge city, but Lovina has a very nice center where you can walk through. You have a wide selection of wonderful restaurants here.

Lovina is best known for the many dolphins that you can spot here. You can book tours anywhere. Note, however, that not every tour is equally dolphin-friendly. They hunt dolphins and go to them with dozens of boats at the same time. Therefore, read carefully before you book a tour. You can also always opt for a private boat.

Unfortunately you won’t find beautiful white beaches in Lovina, but gray / black sand because it is a volcanic area. Some may find this a little less beautiful, but at the same time quite special.


How to get there

In Banyuwangi you can arrange transportation at different places. You have the choice of a private car or shuttle bus. The tickets for the ferry are already included. We spent around 400,000 +/- 27 euros for a private taxi. But a shuttle bus is of course a bit cheaper.

The ferry is often already included in the Ijen and Bromo tour. When you arrive by ferry, the taxis are already waiting for you. Negotiate the price just as well.

Accommodation in Lovina

After a short drive we arrive at the resort. This is not a hysterical, busy resort, but a small-scale accommodation where peace is central. The first thing you notice when you walk into the resort is the beautiful infinity pool with views over the mountains and the Balizee in the distance. You hardly get a better view. At the pool you will immediately find the restaurant with a second floor where you can once again enjoy the view.
The Hamsa cottages and bungalows look great. The cottage have plenty of space and greenery around them and have a nice terrace. You have a lot of privacy because the houses are far apart .. From every cottage you overlook the sea. The rooms have a seat outside and inside, a spacious bed and great bathroom. Because the resort is located high up, it has a pleasant mountain climate. Read more.



Restaurants in Lovina

Unfortunately we only stayed 1 night in Lovina so we couldn’t eat in many places. When we arrived in the afternoon we first aired at The Hamsa. This was delicious and definitely recommended. I chose the tuna and it was great! In the evening we ate at The Global Village Kafe. Again very tasty and not expensive at all. Here we opted for a pizza and some hummus with bread as a starter.

Tips for Lovina


  • If you are coming from Java, don’t forget that the clock has to go back an hour. We had completely forgotten about this, so we missed our bus the next day.

  • We left from Lovina with a private car to Ubud. Ask your driver to stop at different points. The road to Ubud is beautiful and you come across a beautiful viewpoint overlooking a large lake.


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