5x My favorite destinations in Indonesia

5x My favorite destinations in Indonesia

We have lost our heart to Indonesia. The country consists of more than 16,000 islands and we have already crossed a few off the list. We were there for no less than 3 months and it was still far too short. From Sumatra we traveled to Flores. Every island was different and beautiful in its own way. We still have around 15,000 islands to go, but from the places we have visited, we have listed our top 5 for you.

1. Karimunjawa

A paradise on earth. The island is hardly visited by tourists, so you can drive around without encountering anyone. The beaches are therefore wonderfully quiet. A bamboo bars and some bean bags and you can enjoy it here all day. Karimunjawa has beautiful white beaches and crystal clear water, a small village, mangroves and beautiful green surroundings.

2. Flores

At Flores I can’t choose, so that’s why the entire island. Everything is fantastic about this part of Indonesia. Diving here is abnormally beautiful. Gigantic Manta rays, turtles, sharks and many other fish. As if you accidentally ended up in a nature documentary from National Geographic. But the interior is also breathtaking, the people are terribly sweet (that’s how we were invited to a wedding) and it is above all very pure.

3. Bukit Lawang

The jungle of Indonesia should certainly not be missing from this list, because orangutans spotting in the wild really is one of the most special moments in my life. The two-day jungle tour in Bukit Lawang was one big highlight. We came face to face with various orangutans and slept in the middle of the jungle. A top experience.
Bukit Lawang

4. Tetebatu

In the first instance the climb of the Rinjani was high on our list, but due to all kinds of circumstances it did not happen in the end. We therefore decided to stay in Tetebatu for two days. A small village near the volcano. What a nice surprise, because Tetebatu turned out to be fantastic. The village is surrounded by the greenest rice fields, hidden waterfalls and a large forest with special black monkeys.

5. Kuta, Lombok

Roadtripping on your scooter, discovering a new beach every day and surfing a bit. This is how fine life goes in Kuta Lombok. It has a very nice atmosphere, plenty of nice tents and the most beautiful beaches.

But also Yogyakarta, the Gili islands, Nusa Lembogan, Ijen volcano and many more places we found the end. And then we have not even visited islands such as Borneo, Sulawesi and Raja Ampat. We are a super fan of Indonesia.
5 favorite places in indonesia

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