Bounty island of Bangka; a hidden gem

Yeah, Baby! We have found one of the best-kept secrets of Indonesia. Welcome to paradise; Bangka Island. The perfect hidden gem where you can experience the ultimate island life. Sunbathing under waving palm trees, crystal clear beaches and an amazing house reef like you have never seen before. Heaven on earth.

Although the sea it’s full of life, it is still quiet on the island. Most people have barely heard of this place. You will find a few small “resorts” and that’s it. The perfect place to completely unwind.

Divers’ paradise

Sulawesi is well known for its impressive diving spots. The gigantic steep coral walls in Bunaken National Park are one of the best dive spots in the world. At Bangka Island, you may not find the giant coral walls such as Bunaken National Park, but you will find beautiful coral gardens with hard and soft coral. You can spot pipefish, frogfish, and scorpionfish, among other things, and lots of macro life. But what most divers hope to find are giant Dugongs, whale sharks and sometimes you even have a chance that sperm whales will pass by.

You don’t dive? No Worries! The island is surrounded by beautiful reef and places where you snorkel. Also, most dive sites are not that deep, so you can spot a lot of fish during your snorkel trip.

How to get to Bangka Island

You can arrange your transportation with your resort. The resorts on Bangka Island are not exactly budget accommodations, so transportation can be expensive. We decided to arrange our own transportation from Tangkoko National Park to Suraya Beach. From this, we took a boat to the resort(for which you still have to pay.

From Manado, you can easily arrange a Grab or Uber to the beach. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from Manado to Tangkoko National Park and another 2 hours to Surabaya Beach. From Manado to Surabaya Beach it is also about 2 hours if there are no traffic jams.

Where to stay in Bangka Island?

Coral Eye: the place to unwind

Sometimes you have to ignore your travel budget a bit. After all, you are on holiday. On Bangka Island, we spent two nights at Coral Eye. An oasis of serenity at a location that will blow your mind.

The main building is a beautiful open space with a beautiful seating area in the middle. On the first floor, you will find a couple of rooms. But you can also book a room on the beach.

The resort is very spacious. You will find all kind of seating areas. From hammocks to complete lounge areas on the beach. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the room price. Every afternoon and evening you will eat together, which creates a warm atmosphere. The food is fantastic. When the cook is ready, she shouts “Makan” and everyone will come to the dining table. The resort is small, cozy and very personal.

Keep in mind that you must book a room in advance. When would like to dive, it is important that you book your dive gear in advance. It was almost impossible for us to dive because there was insufficient diving equipment available. Fortunately, the owner arranged something with another resort on the island. Lucky us!

Coral Eye is a great place for a few days. Especially if you just want to escape from your busy life. The rooms are spacious and modern, but simple. SO there is no air conditioning and it doesn’t have an ensuite bathroom. You do have a private bathroom, but it is located in a different room. You really don’t need anything else in paradise.

You can spend the night at Coral Eye for around 110 euros per night (per room). However, breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, water, and coffee are included. Other drinks can be ordered at the bar, but we will be charged after your stay. It may be slightly more than what we normally spend on our accommodation, but it was worth every penny.

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