Bohinj became our second destination in Slovenia. What a luck! Where the well-known Lake Bled was a bit disappointing, we were greatly surprised by the beauty of Bohinj . We couldn’t believe our eyes on the road from Bled to Bohinj. Vast landscapes, crystal clear azure rivers and gigantic mountains in the background. This is the Slovenia that I had heard so much about. This is Slovenia exactly as I had in mind. And how beautiful you are.

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How do I get to Bohinj

From Bled it is only a short drive to Bohinj. It takes about an hour. You can also easily reach the lake via Ljubljana in less than two hours. Buses from both places also run during the summer.

Camping in Bohinj

We found the selection of campsites in Slovenia a bit disappointing. There was not much choice around Lake Bohinj either. We finally chose camping Danica. A fairly large site about 10 km from the lake. Due to the high season it was really busy at the campsite. We were in quite a hurry and it was quite chaotic. But beyond that it is really a wonderful campsite. The location is top notch and the plumbing is really more than fine. You also have a nice village within walking distance and a good restaurant on the campsite. Outside the high season I would definitely recommend this campsite.

You also have a campsite on the lake in the woods. This campsite was a bit too expensive for us, but it looked very nice. An additional advantage so you can roll in more from your tent.


What to do in Bohinj

Bohinj is more than just the lake. In the area you can enjoy cycling, hiking, boating, spotting waterfalls and even mountain climbing. Read our tips quickly.

Another round

Something I can’t get enough of is grabbing the Tomos and cruising around. This is also very good around Lake Bohinj. So grab the bike or the scooter. Unfortunately, it is not entirely possible to fully cycle or ride the round, but it is definitely recommended to explore a large part of the lake by bike or scooter.

If you have found a nice spot, then a fresh dive should not be missed. And it is certainly fresh. The water may be as clear as in many tropical paradise, the temperature is just nice and Slovenian.

Lake Bohinj

Hike the fairytail route

There are numerous hiking trails around the lake. We opted for the fairytail route. Nice and easy, not that long but oh so beautiful. It was quite warm during our visit to Bohinj and with a dog in the backpack this can be quite intense. A good choice because during this route you walk along a beautiful fairy-tale stream. At the end of the route you will find a lovely little beach where you can cool off immediately.


Mount Vogel

Via Instagram I got the tip to visit Mount Vogel. After looking at some photos we were done. The area looked great. Mount Vogel is normally a ski resort, but in the summer you can take the gondola up and enjoy a nice walk. At first we wanted to hike up very cool. This seems to be possible. But after 20 minutes of battling in 35 degrees and a dog that broke completely, we decided to go for the gondola. Good choice! The ride to the top we never had never made on foot.

You pay 30 euros per person for a return. Dogs are allowed, but there is a muzzle duty. Unfortunately we don’t have a muzzle for our pug, but she is in a backpack. So far no one has bothered about this. I expect that this rule is slightly different for smaller dogs that you hold.

Once you reach the top, you only have one thing left to do: walk and enjoy yourself. And you certainly enjoy it, because Mount Vogel is really a picture. Enjoy a great view of the lake and the Triglav Mountains. Or walk one of the many walking routes. After your walk you can relax at the mountain hut with a snack and a drink.

Bohinj mount vogel

Waterfalls spotting

Due to the heat, we unfortunately did not undertake much more during our time in Bohinj. 1 thing we would have loved to do is make a hike to 1 of the waterfalls that you can find here. You must have seen the Savica waterfall in particular. The waterfall is the source of the lake and is no less than 78 meters high.

DO: visit Mount Vogel! A beautiful setting, perfect for hiking and enjoying a great view.

Also nice to do:

  • Visit the Vodnik viewpoint
  • Take a walk through the Mostnica Gorge
  • Go boat sailing on the lake. You can rent canoes at the start of the lake. Near the village of Ribcev Laz.

Character bar

At the lake you will find a super hip cafe. You can come here for a snack and a drink all day long. In the evenings there is a lot organized in the café. Often with live music.

Restaurant Gostilna Strudel

Just outside the campsite you will find the restaurant Gostilna Strudel. Thanks to the rave reviews, we decided to have a bite to eat to discover Slovenian cuisine. Leroy chose a mix of Slovenian specialties, which meant a lot of meat. Since I don’t eat meat, I still suspect Leroy that he only orders things like this so he doesn’t have to share it anyway. I chose the savory strudel with cheese. Yess …. you had me at strudel. I really can’t help it, but I really love apple strudel. When I came across a savory version on the menu, I couldn’t resist this. It appears to be a traditional Slovenian dish. It was a bit strange, but very tasty.

Bohinj mount vogel

Restaurant Danica Inn

We also have a snack at the restaurant of the campsite and this was really surprisingly good. The restaurant is pretty neat, something you do not expect so quickly at the campsite. The prices were on the high something.

Cafe Pod Brezo

Upon arrival at the lake we decided to immediately dive into the first best tent. This might not have been the most pleasant place to sit, but the people here were incredibly friendly and the prices were not that bad. So this place should not be missing from the hotspot list. I think Leroy chose meat again, and I immediately fell in love with the Slovenian pastry selection on the menu. Although we were on Lake Bohinj, the boy who helped us recommend the Bled Cake. Homemade! A kind of giant Slovenian Tompouce. Really divine! A big fat (literally but holiday calories don’t count) tip!

Also nice to eat:

  • Fokzner for tasty hamburgs
  • On Saturday there is a local market from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Gostisce Picerija

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