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Port Barton the small, quiet fishing village between Puerto Princesa and El Nido. This cute village is a hidden gem (For now) in Palawan and that makes this place so beautiful and special. No paved roads, electricity only works a few hours a day and everywhere you see signs real estates agents are not welcome. Everything and everyone tries to keep this place as it is and it works, because Port Barton absolutely must not change. She is perfect as she is now!

Port Barton is located in a beautiful bay in a breathtaking environment and is not yet overrun by tourists. If you go to Palawan then you should definitely not skip Port Barton


port barton

Transportation to Port Barton

From Manila we flew with Air Asia to Palawan, Puerto Princesa. Note which airport you are going to, because the domestic flights depart from a different location in Manila. Normally our flights with Air Asia always go smoothly, unfortunately we now had hours of delay and communication was really bad. But after about 5 hours of waiting we were finally able to board the plane and continue our trip to Port Barton. Tip 2, do not wait too long with booking your flights, because the prices increase big time a couple of days in advance.

Once arrived in Puerto Princesa, transport is arranged really easy. You can immediately arrange a minibus for a few euros to Port Barton. It is about a four hour drive and the road to it is fine, only the last part is a bit bumpy.

Port Barton

Accommodations in Port Barton

Accommodation is best arranged on the spot. There is plenty of choice, but almost nothing is online. This is super nice, because as a result many people skip this place and it stays nice and quiet. We always find it nice to have arranged something the first night, so through Airbnb we booked a room at Tribal Experience. Really a great place, but very basic. We thought it was too expensive for what we eventually got, but the people who work here are really fantastic! We finally slept 2 nights here and booked the last 2 nights at the Deep Moon Resort for almost the same money on the beach. This was fantastic. You have a house right on the beach, private bathroom and a nice tent where you can eat and drink.


Tips for Port Barton

Life in Port Barton is actually very simple, a little bit of sun, a bit of beach, a little bit of relaxation, a little bit of walking and a bit of food and drink. You do not have to do more here and we promise you have a really great time. But of course Foedsie also has some other tips, of course also one that has to do with food 🙂

Snorkeltrip / Island hopping in Port Barton

The next day we decided to book a snorkel trip directly through Tribal Experience. With a handful of people on a tiny boat we left the water early in the morning. Our day consisted of snorkeling with turtles, walking over deserted beaches and eating on the beach. The snorkel trip was really nice and quiet. Often we were completely alone and you could fully enjoy the environment. If you are in Port Barton then a snorkel trip / boat trip is definitely recommended.

Port Barton Island hopping

Port Barton Island hopping

Walk to White Beach

From the village of Port Barton you can walk to White beach. Take enough water with you, because it will take you about an hour. But the environment is beautiful and once you have arrived you have a beautiful beach where you can rest from your walk. We decided to take back the taxi boat for a few euros and so we were back in the center of Port Barton within 5 minutes. Well, of course it is possible.




Papawyan waterfall

The area around Port Barton is really beautiful. You walk into the jungle and everywhere you have beautiful bays and waterfalls. The most famous waterfall is Papawyan waterfall. It is a good walk, but then you will be rewarded with a refreshing dive and a great environment.

Share a pizza at Pizza Gorgonzola

The Philippines are not really known for her food. Since we had been eating rice for 5 months, we were very excited about Western food. By chance we passed Pizza Gorgonzola and we were sold. It is really outrageous, but I think we went back here 3 or 4 times. You get a gigantic, fresh pizza that you can share together. You also have delicious fresh lemonades, cocktails and you can have breakfast there. I really thought it was a top tent.

Another place where you can eat very well is at the Deep Moon Resort.

Port Barton pizza
Port Barton pizza

Doing a dance at Purple Turtle

An evening to never forget. The day we arrived in Port Barton, we decided to have a drink somewhere after dinner. After walking a few meters over the beach, we ended up at the Purple Turtle tent. Live music, cheap beers, right on the beach and puppies everywhere. Yes, you read it correctly: PUPPIES! I was sold. There was hardly anyone, but everything changed after an hour. Suddenly out of the blue there were groups of people (most pretty drunk) locals and tourists andwithin no time the tent and the dance floor were full. It was really a hilarious evening. We decided the evening to go back to this place and what do you think, again exactly the same. We have drunk a lot of beers here and dared a lot of dances. Definitely recommended for a good end of the day.

Have a drink at the Hangout Beach bar

Another great place for a fun evening is the Hangout Beach Bar. Again, it is busy every evening. One for the dog lovers, actually there are puppies everywhere, so here too. For the non-dog lover, Port Barton may not be the best place to go 🙂


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