Food in Nepal: 7x my favorite Nepalese Food and Nepali Dishes

Nepal has been on our bucket list for years. In 2017, during our 6-month journey through Asia, the time had finally come, 4 weeks in Nepal with the Annapurna Circuit as the highlight of our trip. The second we arrived we fell head over heel in love with this country. The people are super friendly, the nature is breathtaking and the FOOD is amazing. For me food and travel is one. As soon as we decide to go someplace, the first thing I will check is what kind of traditionele dishes do I need to try and what are the best places to eat. To discover the Nepali Cuisine was awesome. Checkout my favourite Nepali dishes.


Dal Bath

DAL BATH POWER, 24H! Dal Bath is the national dish of Nepal and I absolutely love it. You can order Dal Bath anywhere in Nepal. We were even told that about 80% of the population eat Dal Bath every day, twice a day. The dish consists of rice, a lentil curry (the Dal), papadum or chapati and a vegetable curry (Tarkari). Especially in the mountains a lot of people eat Dal Bath. It is the perfect meal before and after a hike, because it gives you a incredible energy boost. Best of all, you can ask for more Dal Bath at anytime. So if you need a bit more, just ask and they will come by to ad some extra Dal. For Leroy this was the best part. Hi honestly eat Dal Bath three times a dat during our trek. I love Dal but even for me that was way to much.

nepal food
Nepal eten


This already sounds like a very good dish: Momo. If you like dumplings then this dish is a must try for you. The Nepalese momos are steamed dough packages filled with meat, cheese or vegetables served in a spicy sauce. I loved it!

nepal food
Nepal eten

Garlic soup

Maybe not the best dish for a first date, but garlic soup is super tasty and very healthy. Especially during your hike it is wise to order a garlic soup every now and then. Although the soup sounds heavy, the garlic taste is really not that strong.

Yak Cheese

If I miss one thing while traveling through Asia, it’s Cheese. Yes I know super dutch. I love cheese. Stinky cheese, soft cheese, old cheese, all kind of cheese really. We hadn’t had a decent piece of cheese for 4 months. By accident we discovered Jak Cheese at 3500m in a small mountain hut on the Himalaya. A Yak is a long-haired domesticated bovid found throughout the Himalayan region During our hike we regularly ordered a chapati (bread) with some Jak Cheese. Our own composed Nepalese cheese plate.

Apple Pie

Say What!! Yes, really: apple pie. Okay maybe this isn’t a typical Nepali dish, but during our Annapurna trek we found apple pie and apple cakes everywhere. The are a lot of apple tree in the mountains of Nepal. So locals make everything with apples, including pastry.

nepal food
Nepal eten
Appeltaart of appelflappen eten op de mooiste plekken van Nepal. Overal vind je kleine kraampjes/winkeltjes waar je heerlijke gebakjes kunt kopen.

Hummus and Falafel

This is not a Nepalese dish, but you can order hummus and falafel everywhere. It was one of our favorite hotspots in Kathmandu and one of the hotspots in Pokhara. You can order a complete meal for just 1 dollar.

nepal food
Nepal eten

Alu Tama

A traditional Nepalese soup with potatoes and bamboo shoots.



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