10x where to eat in Lombok

10x where to eat in Lombok

1. el Bazar, Kuta Lombok

The tastiest Eastern dishes and most amazing breakfasts can be found at El Bazar in Kuta Lombok. You imagine yourself for a moment on a film set of 101 nights. Especially try the tagine which is really divine!
A great place to have a drink. You can get drinks from the vintage bus that serves as a bar here. You can find beers, cocktails and you can even order pizzas here. A party every evening.

3. KRNK, Kuta Lombok

Burger from the grill or rather a fresh poké bowl. At KRNK they have a menu full of hip dishes. The restaurant not only looks great, but the food is also horribly good. You will find KRNK directly opposite El Bazar. Is one full, then you can walk in to the other,

4. MILK, Kuta Lombok

For a breakfast or cup of coffee you have to be at MILK. Not open long, but already a success. You can go here all day. From fresh breakfasts to dinner and they even have a spa.

5. Asmara Restaurant amp; Lounge, Sengigi

You can order a delicious traditional rice table at restaurant Asmara in Sengigi. Here you will find the tastiest Indonesian dishes. Don’t feel like eating out? Then you can also have the food delivered or picked up.

6. Casa vintage, Gili Trawangan

We thought this was the nicest place of Gili Trawagan. You sit here with your feet in the sand and enjoy a delicious meal. Super hip, but still affordable. A wonderful atmosphere and great food!

7. Coffee & thyme, Gilie Air

You can order the tastiest coffees from this cute tent on Gili Air. You can have a delicious breakfast, lunch or a pastry here. As soon as you arrive on the island you will actually hit it. Not to be missed!

8. Kayu Cafe, Gili Trawangan

Tarts abound at KAYU. But you can choose a healthy breakfast or lunch at KAYU. And everything is very tasty !.
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9. Le Pirate, Gili Trawangan

Le Pirate is rapidly taking over Indonesia. And we understand why. They are always nice places. Even if you do not spend the night here, you can go there for lunch, dinner and even watch a movie at the outdoor cinema.

10. Pituq Cafe, Gili Trawangan

A vegan restaurant with great food for everyone. A bit hidden on the Gili Trawangan, but definitely worth the search. The menu is very extensive and really fantastic.

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